Early Nineteenth-Century American Blown Flint Glass: A Beginners Guide to Connoisseurship

As Berge noted in referring to bottles, the ” This bottle dating “key” is a relatively simple “first cut” on the dating of a bottle. Please be aware that in order to gain the maximum information about any particular bottle e. Unfortunately, the complexities of precisely dating bottles is beyond the scope of any simple key; more complex keys are far in the future if they ever become available. A substantial amount of bottle type specific information must be reviewed by a user to increase the probability of dating accuracy. Additional reference materials outside of this website must usually be consulted to narrow down the date of any item as far as is possible and to really get a “feel” for the history of the bottle in question. Fortunately, as each year passes more of this type information becomes available on the internet. Since this website was initiated a simple search for a bottle can now yield much more information than back then, depending on the precision and wording of a search. This admittedly can be very challenging with bottles that have no company, user, or bottle maker related embossing or original labeling. The information on this website will, however, usually produce a reliable manufacturing date range for a majority of American utilitarian bottles manufactured from the late 17th century to the midth century.

Determining the Value of Old Bottles

No, not at a movie on Saturday night. Not that kind of date. Instead, I mean how do you tell how old your Ball jar is? One of the most common emails I receive comes with a description of a jar—e. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to determine an approximate age for your jar.

Blown Glass Storage Barrel, Keg, Cooler, Dispenser Unknown Maker, 19th Century, with hand tooled rolled-over collared mouth – smooth base. English Mallet Bottle, Applied Seal with Name and Date Henry Dunning*, entire.

Identifying the age of a bottle is not always as easy as it may first seem. While bluish and dark-tinted glass may indicate a piece older than a clear glass bottle, the many reproductions that exist today rule this out as a conclusive way to date a bottle. Instead, the bottle must be examined for signs of how it was produced and markings that indicate when and where it was made. A true vintage bottle will have several telltale indicators of its age.

Examine the bottle for a mold seam leftover from the forming of the bottle. If the seam runs to the top of the lip, this is indicative of a machine-made bottle from to the present. A seam that runs to the top of the neck but stops short of the lip is a feature of bottles produced between and If the seam extends only part way up the neck, the bottle was most likely formed between the late s and the early s.

No seam indicates a handblown glass bottle that predates the use of molds in bottle making. This is usually a clear identifier of an antique bottle. Check the bottom of the bottle for what is known as a pontil mark.

How to Tell If a Glass Bottle Is Vintage

These two techniques are very different and require different machinery and knowledge to produce glass products. With these two techniques any type of glass can be manufactured, wine , beer, shot glasses and many more. The most common technique is machine blown glass as it can produce items in volumes for mass production. Although these two techniques are very different they are both referred to as press and blow glass manufacturing.

This manufacturing process is best applied for mass production of any type of glasses, wine, beer or shot glasses.

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During the second quarter of the nineteenth century American glass factories reached a golden age in the production of fine free blown, molded, cut, and engraved flint lead glass. Prior to this time the domestic glass industry suffered from competition with England and the Continent. Tariffs levied on imported glass in and again in , however, served to stimulate American glass production and the number of glass factories increased dramatically.

The blown flint glass of this period attests to the skill and ingenuity of American glass craftsmen who were intent on matching the quality of imported wares while meeting the demands of the expanding middle-class market. One can still purchase outstanding examples of early- to mid-nineteenth century blown flint glass worthy of inclusion in any collection of American decorative arts. While the first rule is to buy what you like, a wise buyer should also approach objects with a critical eye.

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Pontil Mark on an Antique Blown Glass Vase. Source The Open Pontil bottle describes bottles which were made from the s to about The Iron Pontil​.

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People had used naturally occurring glass, especially obsidian the volcanic glass before they learned how to make glass. Obsidian was used for production of knives, arrowheads, jewelry and money. The ancient Roman historian Pliny suggested that Phoenician merchants had made the first glass in the region of Syria around BC. But according to the archaeological evidence, the first man made glass was in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt around BC and the first glass vessels were made about BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

For the next years, the glass industry was increased rapidly and then declined. For the next years, Egypt, Syria and the other countries along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea were centers for glass manufacturing.

Phoenicians along the Syrian-Palestinian coast developed a technique of glassblowing that allowed for a variety of shapes of hollow glass items. Spreading.

Popular Pages. Maine Digest Ads. Man at Arms Ads. Index of Offerings. Historical Items Portraits, Paintings, Mirrors, etc. Ceramics, Silver, Glass. A very fine and rare small white tin glazed earthenware Sack Bottle. Rare small size; outstanding. Standard size bottles are about 6. This one is only 5″ high. These bottles are thought to have been vessels used as Christmas gifts and were popular in the s to the s, during the English Civil War and Commonwealth periods.

Other examples of Ludlow family seals are in the Corning and Winterthur Museum collections. III, page

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Jul 22, – Italian Murano art glass ribbed vase dating from around The heavily hand blown glass vase has a series of yellow and blue tinted panels.

Estimating the age of antique bottles can sometimes be a difficult task even for the experienced collector. However, by following some basic guidelines anyone can determine approximate age. Although this brief article is primarily intended for American-made bottles, glass from other countries has evolved similarly.

This outline covers basic patterns but note that there are exceptions to every rule. Most bottles produced in the past years were formed by blowing molten glass into a mold. Molds were made of iron or wood and consist of 2 or 3 pieces.

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There are several factors that determine the value of old bottles. While an accurate evaluation can only be done by someone experienced with antique bottles, you can get an idea of how much a bottle is worth by considering these factors. Finding a five-year-old Coke bottle in the local creek is not going to make you rich. Finding a one-hundred-year-old Coke bottle might put a few dollars in your pocket should you decide to sell it. While not all old bottles are valuable, an older bottle is more likely to be worth more than a newer one.

Seams and pontil marks are two of the ways you can determine a bottle’s age.

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